CEO Jeong-ho Choo, Futurenuri receives an Award of Appreciation from Vice President Pipop Udorn, Thammasat University
CEO Jeong-ho Choo, Futurenuri receives an Award of Appreciation from Vice President Pipop Udorn, Thammasat University

  Mr. Jeong-Ho Choo, CEO of Futurenuri, Korea's best library specialized company, said that the project to build its digital library product, TULIP at Thammasat University which is one of the most prestigious in Thailand, was completed successfully and Thammasat University has held the TULIP system’s opening ceremony to celebrate it on 24 June 2022 and he was invited to the grand event.

This event was hosted by Thammasat University, and many university officials including Vice President Pipop Udorn and Library Director Ekkarin Yolrabil attended the event.

In his congratulatory speech, Vice-President, Pipop Udorn said he was delighted to be able to provide more efficient and effective services to users, such as students, researchers, and professors, as the functions and processes were upgraded more innovatively through the establishment of the integrated digital library system of TULIP.

Director of Library, Akekarin Yolrabil also said in his congratulatory speech, the library is being transformed into a comfortable space of relaxation and communication where as many students and researchers as possible access, as well as learning and research, rather than simply borrowing books and studying. The spaces and equipment as HW are well prepared, and TULIP as SW, a symbol of integration and innovation, will play a major role in bringing life so that it can be actively utilized.

CEO Jeong-Ho Choo, Futurenuri delivers a congratulatory speech
CEO Jeong-Ho Choo, Futurenuri delivers a congratulatory speech

This project was quite different from previous 8 overseas ones which were carried out through the International Development Cooperation projects such as KOICA and the Economic Cooperation Promotion Fund.  So to speak, it is the first case directly exported to Thammasat University and finally made a meaningful achievement after waiting for 4 years since March 2018 as introducing TULIP.

Despite the severe situation of COVID-19 crisis, the contract was signed in April 2021 by pushing for an on-line contract, not a face-to-face contract, and the project was implemented remotely using the maximum available means of communication (video conference, e-mail, SMS, etc.) which had never been experienced before.

The driving force that enables to successfully complete the project in such difficult circumstances is the result of CEO Jeong-Ho Choo's early recognition of the importance of overseas markets and his persistent challenging spirit to actively pioneer together with Futurenuri employees.

CEO Jeong-Ho Choo said he plans to open a Thai branch that can provide direct support by employing local Thai personnel in the future for sustainable stable support.  As part of that, he appointed Deok-Young Lee, a former IBMer, and announced his ambition to focus on active customer management and sales.

Also, in terms of solutions, Thammasat University has a strong interest to add a virtual 5th campus to its current 4 campuses, so he also announced a plan to further accelerate the development of solutions using Metaverse, a hot issue in the IT market.

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