We remember the name Blue Origin. This is because the Earth as viewed from space looked like a 'blue marble'. Our dreams for space are also for future generations. After launching a satellite into space, we cannot see its reality.

However, an important role is to be able to control the satellites in space with location tracking using cameras and GPS and electromagnetic wave mirror eye space camera technology. It is a combination of core technology and applied technology of aerospace technology. On the other hand, if there was a launch satellite original technology in the field of aerospace engineering, the applied technology is a more difficult level complex technology. Just as Samsung Electronics' semiconductor digital camera source technology, not analog, possesses the world's best technology, the application field of the electromagnetic wave mirror eye of digital camera technology is to track invisible satellites.

Electromagnetic Waves Eye technology in this field is very important because it is a combination of Digital and Mirror technology. We need to track, monitor and maintain invisible satellites already launched from the ground, and all of our post-launch work is that Electromagnetic Waves Eye technology is a combination of digital and mirror technology. Here, Cairo Space is to apply more precise technology to the EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) field, which is a semiconductor equipment, by developing the electromagnetic wave eye source technology and applied technology in the aerospace technology field.

EUV resist plays a key role in forming wafer patterns, and photo resist (PR) is directly related to the overall productivity and product performance of the exposure process. Resolution, linewidth roughness and sensitivity are the key properties required for PR. In particular, EUVL is an exposure technology for realizing sub 7nm node ultra-fine semiconductor device circuits using EUV light with a wavelength of 13.5 nm. It is easily absorbed by most materials, including the atmosphere, and unlike the existing exposure technologies that use a transmissive optical system, all optical systems are reflective, so the light source enters the mask at a certain angle.

KAIROSPACE can provide satellite turnkey technology for CubeSat and small to medium sized satellites, and is generally capable of addressing small satellite ready to launch and a wide range of standardized and custom solutions for a wide range of fields and applications for Earth observation and communications. It is a turnkey solution.

KAIROSPACE provides a general main structure of a basic satellite platform for customers with their own payload and options other than a complete turnkey solution depending on the platform mission requirements, an avionics stack including an onboard computer, power system, communication system, attitude control system. and a solar panel. KAIROSPACE's payloads and subsystems can expand the development and manufacturing service process for all types of components of a spacecraft to a private focus, allowing them to advance in cooperation with a government-level expert team or professional partners such as Malaysia.

Applications for payload solutions range from in-band communications and RF monitoring payloads to remote sensing payloads and field scientific research equipment. Low-cost, turnkey solutions designed to communicate with low-orbit (LEO) satellites operating in ground station amateur frequency bands or commercial bands, with long-standing relationships with leading space laboratories and institutions to provide high-level payload services identified by top scientists. The frequency bands covered as S-band, UHF and VHF and the Ground Station consist of racks that house antennas and transceivers, rotor control units, and computers which make the system very compact. It is designed based on requirements to provide services.

KAIROSPACE is a wide-temperature, high-performance manual autofocus camera for solving agricultural, civil and scientific tasks of remote sensing. This camera can operate as a stable MTF in the temperature range of -60 to +60℃, and with a 22mm aperture and compact size, it can be mounted on CubeSat from 3U size.

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