The reuse of water, such as rainwater, heavy water reuse, and wastewater reuse, is an important environmental protection for the future survival of mankind.

The Wastewater Reclamation market has been in Korea for a long time, but it has not grown. Purifying the used water and protecting the environment so that it can be reused was more expensive than the water bill, making it inefficient to operate. In the meantime, through the development of many technologies, the initial installation cost has been reduced and the maintenance cost has also been lowered, making it possible to reuse water at a lower price than the current water rate, thereby activating the wastewater reclamation environment protection market.

HAESUNG Engineering We are confident in the future of Korea and sustainable environmental development, as well as in the wastewater reclamation environment protection market in the global market. There are many countries in the world that lack water. Korea is also a water scarce country. Only by reusing excess waste water will we be able to use it more abundantly and reduce pollution of the land and the planet. In Korea, rainwater falls for a short period of time in the summer, and it is difficult to activate water reuse with rainwater alone. In the global village, wastewater reclamation operators have seen the market for reusing contaminated water as an unlikely market, but now the efficiency of the environmental protection market is very high by combining rainwater and heavy water that can reduce land pollution and pollution of the earth. Korea should lead the water reuse market and create a realistic water circulation structure. The effectiveness of removing odors, turbidity, color, and pathogens has already been proven through water reuse technology. However, the global warming continues with carbon dioxide and the earth is being polluted, which can be thought of as air pollution, but water pollution is the pollution of the earth and the pollution of the universe, which is air pollution. Part of it is, Wastewater Reclamation will have to bring clean water to the highest level in the world.

CEO of HAESUNGEngineering Mr. Lee Kwang-hee deep philosophy contains the meaning of thinking about the global environment. In the case of Indonesia, for example, if the capital is moved from Jakarta to Borneo, it will have to create a smart new city. In this case, a Wastewater Reclamation system is essential. There is no place that does not use water at construction sites, industrial sites, or general residential sites. In order to create a new city, huge SOC investment such as dams, water purification plants, sewage treatment plants, and pipelines must be supported. If it is possible to protect the environment through water consumption through the Wastewater Reclamation system in an existing city, there is no need to construct a dam such as environmental destruction to supply water necessary for the construction of a new city. If the water reuse system is shown through the construction of an innovative system, many developing countries will have to pay attention to Korea new city construction model.

In order to activate Wastewater Reclamation, it will be necessary to improve each country's system. For example, the current system requiring the installation of rainwater storage facilities, the cleaning system for rainwater storage facilities, and the prevention of neglect of facilities so that rainwater can be stored and used normally by cleaning it with various floating materials over time, etc. It is necessary to improve each country's legal system for activation. In addition, it is necessary to develop a technology for wastewater reclamation and to promote the user's accident.

In Korea, Yeongdeok Respia, which has a wastewater reclamation reuse facility, Suwon City Hall, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon World Cup Stadium, Gyeonggi Small Business Support Center, etc. are used for wastewater reclamation. The fact that it is used for toilet water at a much cheaper rate than the city's water rate is essential for smart city construction and will lead the environmental protection to save the earth.

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