The strategic cooperative partnership between South Korea and Vietnam is developing unceasingly and has been brought to a new height.

The parliamentarian cooperation between the two countries has made important contributions to the development of the bilateral relations.

Cooperation at multilateral mechanism and forums has also been further consolidated and yielded positive fruits, thus raising the international status of the two countries.

Korean Ambassador Park No-wan meets Vuong Dinh Hue, National Assembly Chairman of Vietnam. / Courtesy of National Assemly of Vietnam
Korean Ambassador Park No-wan meets Vuong Dinh Hue, National Assembly Chairman of Vietnam. / Courtesy of National Assemly of Vietnam

  South Korea and Vietnam have seen fine developments in all the fields, turning the two countries into each other’s partner of top importance. High-level leaders of the two countries have agreed to further raised bilateral relations on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the bilateral diplomatic relations (December 22, 2022). 

The two sides are joining hands in building connotation for a new frame of relations, creating a basis for bilateral cooperation to become really effective and worthy. The two sides are also actively providing mutual support to each other in realizing the dual goal of both fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and maintaining the economic development. Right at the outbreak and complicated development of the pandemic in early 2020, Vietnam showed its goodwill by providing the Republic of Korea with medical equipment to fight the pandemic. On the other hand, the Republic of Korea selected Vietnam as the first country to provide its assistance of 1.39 million vaccine doses against COVID-19.

South Korea is now Vietnam’s top investor, second largest provider of ODA and third largest trade partner, aiming to raise two-way trade revenue to 100 billion USD by 2023. Korean investors in Vietnam make up to 30 percent of the host country’s total export revenue. Besides, it is the second largest importer of Vietnam’s labor and also an important partner in science and technology, in coping with non-traditional challenges such as climate change, rising sea. 

Moreover, South Korea and Vietnam are pushing up their cooperation in a series of fields such as infrastructure, energy, and capacity to cope with climate change; ready to jointly weather challenges of the fourth industrial revolution and to create momentum for the joint and sustainable growth in the future.

The people-to-people exchanges between the two countries are unceasingly consolidated and continuing their trend of vigorous growth. Vietnam counts more than 200,000 citizens working and living in the South Korea, and is hosting the same number of Koreans working and living in the country.

The above-mentioned achievements have been made possible with very important contributions by the two countries’ National Assemblies in their role as law-making bodies that directly supervise the operation of the Governments. 

The National Assemblies of the two countries have successfully built the base for the fine parliamentarian relations. They signed a cooperation agreement in 2006 to serve as a basis for the realization of the cooperative relations related to the maintenance of the exchange of delegations, and the boosting of the operation of the friendship parliamentarians’ groups and exchanges between the two countries’ lawmakers.

During the official friendship visit to the South Korea in July 2013, Chairmen of the two National Assemblies signed a new cooperation agreement, further concretizing the bilateral and multilateral parliamentarian cooperation on the basis of inheriting and bringing into play the fine cooperation outcomes.

The relations continues to be intensified in spite of the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chairman of the Korean National Assembly Park ByeongSeug made his first overseas trip to Vietnam from October 31 to November 4, 2021, after taking his office, and this manifests the importance attached to the relations between the two National Assemblies and the building of political trust between the two countries. 

On the occasions, Chairmen of the two National Assemblies had intensive and extensive discussions of measures to intensify the cooperation between the law-making bodies of the two countries, to boost the implementation of the cooperation agreement between the two National Assemblies signed in 2013, to broaden the people-to-people exchanges, to help two countries’ firms overcome difficulties caused by the pandemic so as to restore their production and business, etc. 

The two sides also maintain the dynamic activities of the Vietnam – South Korea Parliamentarians’ group, as well as the regular exchanges and joint organization of events on important occasions of the two countries.

The National Assemblies of Vietnam and South Korea are also proactively collaborating within the multi frameworks such as the APPF, ASEP, APA, the WCSP, the IPU, etc. The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea also coordinated with and supported Vietnam in successfully hosting the AIPA-42 in September 2020, while the National Assembly of Vietnam made active contributions in assisting the South Korea in successfully organizing the APPF-29.

Vietnam proactively built and proposed two draft resolutions on intensifying the role of parliaments in boosting the digital economy and on women, peace, security and post-pandemic recovery cooperation. Together with other member parliaments, Vietnam co-sponsored four others resolutions on boosting the digital economy and connectivity; intensifying the economic integration and trade facilitation; boosting gender equality through the intensification of women’s participation and representation; and boosting the response to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the gender factor and post-pandemic recovery.

The cooperation at multilateral forums does not only help intensify the friendly relations but also elevate the positions of the two parliaments in settling regional and global problems, building and ensuring the serious implementation of international law.

As Vietnam and South Korea are preparing various activities towards the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations (December 22, 1992 – December 22, 2022) and upgrading into a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, the upcoming official visit to South Korea and participation of the AFFP-29 by Chairman of the Vietnamese National Assembly VuongDinh Hue will further deepen the relations of friendship and cooperation between the National Assemblies of the two countries, thus helping boost bilateral relations and raising the position of the two countries in the region and the world over.

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