Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue, National Assemly of Vietnam
Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue, National Assemly of Vietnam

  Vietnam’s National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue will participate the online meeting of the APPF to be hosted by the Republic of Korea by mid-December. Before that, Chairman of the National Assembly’s Foreign Relations Committee Vu Hai Ha joined a webinar preparing documents for the meeting

  The APPF-26 meeting with the “Hanoi Declaration” ushered in a new vision for the Asia – Pacific parliamentarian partnership towards 2030. At the APPF-26 meeting, one of the prominent points was that for the first time, the APPF female parliamentarians’ conference became an official and regular mechanism at the annual meetings of the forum. APPF-26 was also a success in pushing the partnership between the APPF and the APEC, reflecting a trend of the parliamentarian diplomacy in the new development period of the mankind.

Tep Ngorn, Vice President of the Cambodian Senate and head delegate at the APPF-26, described the success of the meeting as a new milestone of the APPF under the chairmanship of the Vietnamese National Assembly Chairman, together with the contribution and sharing of visions from the member states. Those new successes manifest a sense of responsibility as well as political commitments that materialize the vision of accelerating cooperation in the region.

Takuji Yanagimoto, Representative of the APPF Honorary Chairman, spoke highly of Vietnam’s efforts and support to the delegations to the meeting in the discussion and adoption of the Hanoi Declaration, stressing that it is a content of extreme importance to the development of the APPF and the challenges that need to be overcome for its future.

Continuing the spirit of proactively contributing to the multilateral parliamentarian forum, the Vietnam’s National Assembly will also be discussing and raising initiatives and resolutions at the APPF-29 in the Republic of Korea, taking a responsible part by contributing ideas to perfecting the documents of the meeting in the spirit of continuing to bring into play its position and role as an active member of the regional and global inter-parliamentary cooperation mechanism; standing ready for cooperation for the recovery and development of the region post-pandemic, towards the future of an Asia – Pacific community of peace, stability, creativeness, connectivity and sustainable development in the spirit of the Hanoi Declaration.

To contribute to the APPF-29, Vietnam has been active in building and proposing two draft resolutions on strengthening the parliamentarian role in accelerating the digital economy and on women, peace, security and recovery cooperation in the post-pandemic period. Vietnam joins a number of other member parliaments in co-sponsoring four other resolutions on pushing up the digital economy and boosting connectivity; boosting the economic integration and trade facilitation; pushing gender equality through intensifying the participation and representation of women; and pushing the response to the COVID-19, ensuring the gender factor and post-pandemic recovery. Those are resolutions of special importance, suitable to the theme of the APPF-29 to be hosted by the Republic of Korea: “The role of parliaments in increasing resilience for recovery in the post-pandemic period”.

In its more than 20 years of the APPF membership, the Vietnamese National Assembly has always been active showing its role as a responsible member that takes an active part in the discussion and building of resolutions on issues in the fields of politics and security, economy and cooperation in Asia – Pacific. The participation by the leader of the Vietnamese National Assembly and Vietnam’s active contributions to the preparations by the host Republic of Korea will be a factor that helps ensure the success of the APPF-29./.

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